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At Lincoln Family Funerals we offer additional services helping you to turn your memories of a loved one into a treasure. The funeral tribute can be the most remembered portion of the funeral and we understand the need to create a very special one.

Coffin & Caskets

We provide a comprehensive range of  coffins and caskets to meet any budget. 

Memorial Books

We offer personalised memorial books that are tailored to capture the memories of your loved one. This can include photos of their life along with messages from family and friends

Cremation Urns

We offer a comprehensive range of cremation urn and jewellery to honour the memory of your loved one.

Video Tributes

We offer personalised video tributes, which comprise photos of your loved ones that can be shared at the funeral and also retained for future 

Funeral Stationary

The staff at Lincoln Family Funerals are able to assist in designing and printing funeral stationary such as prayer cards, orders of service booklets

Farewell Refreshments

Working in conjunction with local suppliers, we have a selection of catering packages available to choose from for your after-service needs

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